Retail and Office Space

The Coliseum is more than just a retail and business center. It’s where you’ll find unique shops, fabulous events, historical architecture, and vibrant businesses.

This four-story 24,000 square foot building with 30 on site parking spots is a discus throw from the Times Union Center on South Pearl Street.

Sound impossible? In an area of Albany that was given up on just a few years ago, the initiative to redevelop Albany’s downtown is surely underway.

Like a curator would do at a gallery, retailers and office tenants have been selected to maintain a balance of products and services with an interesting aesthetic mix aimed at appealing to shoppers who want to buy unique pieces or fashion merchandise that is in strong demand, or want the convenience to come to a local destination oriented venue to get business done.

The Coliseum operates something like a business incubator, which provides small blocks of office, retail or production space for start-up companies.

In return for a nominal rent and a low utility overhead, retailers and office users get a permanent presence here in a very busy section of downtown Albany, without the bother of having to sign a long term lease, pay high utilities or deal with all the myriad obstacles to opening an Independently owned business.


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153 S Pearl St, Albany, NY 12202